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This website is no longer updated and does not fully meet accessibility requirements. Therefore, it was integrated into the website www.fdz-bildung.de, which meets the accessibility requirements and also provides further survey instruments and research data for subsequent use in addition to the content available here. The website daqs.fachportal-paedagogik.de will be closed on 31.12.2020. Please switch to fdz-bildung.de!
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Welcome to DaQS - the Database for Quality of School!

DaQS provides a service from and for quantitative empirical educational research, which was developed by the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education. Subject to this service, questionnaires and scales manuals from relevant studies are used to index and process instruments for the assessment of school and instructional quality. Differentiated insights can thus be gained into the documented study designs, and it is possible to compare the applied instruments and scales according to conventional parameters. The service is openly accessible and free of charge.

We offer four means of access:

You would like to know more about our service, wish to provide feedback on the database, or would like to suggest a study or assessment instrument for documentation in DaQS? Please contact us .